The Band



David Lefrançois

  Multi-instrumentalist from Granby, this  young talent is exposed to the music at a very young age. He first  played 9 years of classical piano, including a degree from Montreal's  Vincent-d'Indy School, before surrendering passionately to traditional  music. Main songwriter of the band David offers a fresh breeze into  Quebec's trad music. Main voice of La Croisée D'Antan, you’ll recognize  him with his inexhaustible breath and the energy he shares with his two  mates. 


Jordan Bélanger

    Aged  of nineteen and from Victoriaville, with more than 13 years of fiddle,  this young musician continues to progress in traditional music since he  made the choice to desert classical music. He took part of the 2016  Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Competition. He was also seen on  Radio-Canada's TV show Virtuose. Let yourself be carried away by his  fiery energy and his strong presence on scene. .


Anthony Vacchio

  Born in Montreal, Anthony started playing  music at the age of 12. He won several Quebec competitions including the  Clermont Pépin competition which he has won twice. It was only during  his studies in classical interpretation at Cegep de Ste-Foy that he  heard about traditional music. Moved by the richness of this music, he  attended several master class including private piano lessons with  Rachel Aucoin. In 2014, a new page of his career was written with the  foundation of La Croisée D'Antan. One thing is sure, you will be  fascinated by his daring chords!